Talon Ultra and DAS Color Palettes

in .PSC (native Image-Pro Plus) format

The following palettes are in file psc2.exe, a self extracting, compressed file.  Click on the file name to download the file.  Download it to a temporary directory (like C:\TEMP, if you can't think of a better one) and then run it.  It should prompt you for confirmation to extract the palette files to C:\IPWin4.  If this is not your Talon Ultra or Talon DAS install directory, you will need to enter the correct Talon Ultra directory here.

Optionally, for those of you who prefer to download ZIP files, here is the same package of files in that compression format as psc2.zip.  It was compressed with PKZIP for Windows version 6.0, and the long file names shown here are used within the ZIP archive. It may unzip with earlier versions of PKZIP, but we haven't tested how far back.
Color 1.PSC
Color 2.PSC
Color 3.PSC
Hot Iron.PSC
Ironbow 1.PSC
Ironbow 2.PSC
Iron 256.PSC
No Green.PSC
Rain 256.PSC
Rainbow 1.PSC
Rainbow 2.PSC
Rainbow Graded.PSC
Rainbow Graded Modified.PSC
10 Color Rainbow.PSC
20 Color Rainbow.PSC
10 Color Contour.PSC
Red Hot.PSC